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Vanessa Palomo Berjaga

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

PhD in Translation and Language Sciences from Universitat Pompeu Fabra. She has taught Translation from English into Spanish and between Catalan and Spanish at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. She currently teaches Catalan language at the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting and the Faculty of Communication at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and English language in the Degree in Business Administration and Management at Universitat de Manresa (UVIC – UCC). In addition, she is a freelance translator and proofreader and has worked for companies such as TransPerfect, Seprotec, BBO Subtitulado and Quaderns Crema.

Her research interest is literary translation, especially the translation of Shakespeare’s plays into Catalan. In her PhD thesis (which obtained an Outstanding PhD Thesis Award), she analyses Josep Maria de Sagarra’s translation of Macbeth. She has written on the French influences on the Catalan translation of Macbeth by Sagarra, Sagarra’s style as a translator and the stream of consciousness in The Waves by Virginia Woolf and Ulysses by James Joyce. She has also proposed a shift model to identify influences between translations. She is a member of the European Shakespeare Research Association since 2014.


(The dates in bold refer to works related to literary reception and translation.)

(2020) “Translation and Original: A Shift Model to Identify Influence between Translations”. Babel: Revue internationale de la traduction / International Journal of Translation, 66:6: 973-998.

(2020) “Sagarra sagarreja? Anàlisi lingüística de la traducció de Macbeth de Josep M. de Sagarra”. Caplletra. Revista internacional de filologia, 69: 85-114.

(2017) “La traducció de Macbeth de Josep M. de Sagarra: del manuscrit a l’edició”. Estudis Romànics, 39: 253-289.

(2017) “A Turning Point in the Translation of Shakespeare into Catalan: The Case of Josep M. de Sagarra’s Macbeth”. Multicultural ShakespeareTranslation, Appropriation and Performance, 16:1: 29-40.

(2012) “La influència de la traducció francesa de Maurice Maeterlinck en la traducció de Macbeth de Josep Maria de Sagarra”. Quaderns. Revista de Traducció, 19: 277-289.

(2010) “El monólogo interior en dos fragmentos modernistas: The Waves y Ulysses”. FormaRevista d’Estudis Comparatius. Art, Literatura, Pensament,  2: 95-104.

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